Cordierite Cooking Stone

Why we use Cordierite Pizza Stone ? 

Cordierite Stones are sightly expensive pizza stone as compared to other clay stone or fire brick slab stone

The stones which our company supplies are made up of same stone materials used in kiln shelves of electrical and gas furnaces of high temperature  hence they  are thermal shock resistant

This stones are extremely durable and can handle extreme temperatures

We use this stones in different types of ovens and grills, they  are manufactured in different shapes, sizes and thickness

 Cordierite Stones are more strong and durable compared to other clay stones. Other clay or fire brick slabs stone are very heavy and huge which cannot be placed inside a small electric gas ovens and grills    

This stones can be used in Electric Ovens, Heating Ovens (Salamanders), Gas ovens, Wood Fired Ovens and in Wood and Charcoal grills

As Cordierite Stones are made of minerals they not harmful for cooking purpose and they are light weight as compared to clay stones which can easily cleaned and removed during the time of maintenance

Note*  During maintenance keep Cordierite Stone  away from water  don’t add stone into water directly,to clean stone just use damp cloths without any chemicals 

Our company supplies Cordierite Stone to individual customers,chefs,restaurants and cafes,pizza oven and grill manufacturing companies in India

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Cordierite Stone
Cordierite Stone
Cordierite Stone